It's an expensive question to consider at the Galaxy Gear's $299 retail price. Luckily a replica cartier watches couple of trailblazers before it still have available options that might outlive the still unproven offering from Samsung. Pebble had a very successful Kickstarter push that set some records. They've had some issues to date with delivery though and not everyone is a fan of the one size fits all aesthetic. Metawatch is another company that found more than enough support on Kickstarter to produce the Strata smartwatch. Pebble and Metawatch both chose low power e ink displays to try to replica tag heuer provide basic info for weeks at a time on a single charge. No colors, no video, no games, simple at a glance notifications. Is the experience too simple though? Let's look more in depth at the full line of e ink smartwatches from Metawatch. The Metawatch pedigree replica omega seamaster originates from none other than Fossil. According to that bastion of unquestionable truth, Wikipedia says that Fossil handles the manufacturing for many of today's top fashion watches including Michael Kors and Burberry. The company knows how to make a watch and the look and feel isn't an issue here. There are issues though, and when the competition is as strong as Samsung you can't afford any mistakes. The Metawatch feels like a smartwatch designed by fashion designers instead of software programmers. The tech is catching up to the looks here.

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