Careerleaf Career Centres for Associations

Generate non-dues revenue with a modern and mobile-friendly career centre that’s fully branded to your organization, integrates with your existing systems, and adds real value for your membership.


Job Boards for Membership and Trade Associations

You need to grow your membership, add new non-dues revenue streams, invest in modern digital tools that will support the needs of your members now and into the future, and stay true to your organization’s mission.

We get it, and we can help.

How Careerleaf Job Boards Help Professional Associationsgreen-detail

Generate non-dues revenue and add value for your members and industry partners with your branded, mobile-friendly job board

 Attract and Support Members

Attract and Support Members

  • Create branded and SEO-friendly content to attract and engage new members and job seekers
  • Deliver relevant job opportunities and powerful job search tools to help members manage their careers
  • Provide employers with advanced hiring tools and access to qualified talent

 Generate Non-Dues Revenue

Generate Non-Dues Revenue

  • Charge employers to post jobs, feature their listings and profiles, and access passive candidates
  • Use job backfills and third-party ad publishing to earn pay-per-click revenue
  • Offer recruiting services like shortlisting and screening candidates or writing and optimizing job posts

 Integrate with Existing Systems

Integrate with Existing Systems

  • Keep things simple for members by choosing a single sign-on set-up that lets members access your career centre and your other membership software systems with a single login
  • Use integrated CRM and marketing automation tools to keep members engaged

Plus all the other great features Careerleaf offers its customers, including:


  • Self-serve eCommerce
  • Private, Secure, Stand-alone Database
  • Mobile-Responsive Design
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Product and Pricing Control



Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for Associations about Job Boards

For associations with limited resources to spare, is your solution easy to manage?

Yes. Careerleaf’s solution makes it easy to manage job seeker and employer accounts, job feeds, product pricing, and content. You don’t need a developer or IT specialist to run your Careerleaf-powered job board. Instead we deliver seamless updates on a regular basis to provide the best experience possible for your members and industry partners.


How can I convince my organization to invest in a new job board software solution?

With our tiered pricing model and resources for managing your board, you can set predictable revenue goals to ensure a return on investment and present a solid business case.


Security and reliability are important – how do you address those factors?

Your Careerleaf-powered job board uses a secure, stand-alone database that is not shared with any other customer, and runs on cloud-based servers with 24-hour monitoring and regular data backups.


How can I create a consistent brand experience for my members?

With our white label solution, your Careerleaf-powered job board displays your own logo and colours. You have the ability to create and maintain your own branded content, and can you can place widgets on your other web properties to promote jobs and direct members back to your job board.


Is the money I generate mine or does it go to Careerleaf first?

The revenue you generate from your Careerleaf-powered board goes directly to you.


I’m used to a revenue-sharing model. Why is this better?

After selecting the pricing plan that best suits your needs and setting your minimum revenue targets, your potential for profit is greater with a software subscription model. Revenue-sharing models usually work by directing all revenue to the service provider first, then giving 10-50% of the revenue back to you. Some rev-share agreements also require a minimum number of sales, and other companies with this model have recently shut down. The Careerleaf model simplifies monthly accounting and shortens the time it takes for revenues to reach your bank account.


If you’re planning to add a career centre to your association website or want to switch to a newer, better solution that adds value for members and industry partners, get in touch with us. You can request more information or a personalized demo, or have us call you for a quick chat.

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