Careerleaf Classic

Careerleaf Classic

Looking for a feature-rich job board solution with real ROI?

You have a new or small but growing job board and you’re looking for a solution that meets you where you are and scales. Other providers limit your growth by throttling your capacity, putting their brand first, or through needless complexity.

We get it and we can help!

Careerleaf Classic

Careerleaf Classic is a no-frills job board solution that delivers best in class sales, job search and hiring tools at a price that makes sense for you.

Inspired by the small job board businesses and startups we work with every day, we’ve packaged our favourite features with a lightweight, cost-controlled solution.

Own and Build Your Brand

Small job board businesses need great branding and great tools to thrive and even compete with the big guys. Careerleaf Classic is a fully white-labelled job board solution that allows you to take full control of your business and your brand.

✓ Mobile-responsive and friendly design

✓ Full solution white labelling

✓ Mobile-responsive design

✓ Private, secure, stand-alone database

Syndicate with Careerleaf Reach

Syndicate your job board content to another job portal, board, website or feed with our Careerleaf Reach content network!

Careerleaf Reach is a programmatic content delivery network designed to help you reach job seekers in many different ways. Syndicate to websites, portals or other job boards or deliver jobs straight to job seekers through SMS messages, emails and feeds.

With Reach you can syndicate all your content or sell syndication packages to your employer clients.

Designed for Growth

Careerleaf Classic is designed to grow with your business. Upgrade your job board capacity at any time by expanding your database or upgrade to our Corporate solution. Add sticky features like new payment tools, employer services like background checks and video interviews. And keep your job inventory fresh with backfill feeds and custom scrapes.

✓ Expand your candidate database and job board capacity at any time

✓ Add job backfill feeds or customized web scraping and job wrapping

✓ Boost your content with programmatic job advertising

✓ Add integrated services like background checks and video interviews

Ready to get started?

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