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Careerleaf Corporate

A Full Featured, Corporate Job Sales Platform

Move past the challenges of legacy technology with Careerleaf Corporate solutions. Unlike other providers who restrict and discourage customization c, Careerleaf’s flexible infrastructure, products and services can meet your business where it is, and take it further.

Configuration: From functionality to design, we work with you to ensure your board is configured to meet your needs.

Permission Levels: Create all the roles your organization needs and set permission levels for them. Restrict or give access to analytics, functionality, design and sales.

Approvals: Set custom approval flows for posting jobs and purchasing job credits. White or blacklist employers and partners.

Analytics: Create the custom reporting your team needs to meet their competition head on. Integrate Google Analytics and CRMs to put that data to work immediately.

A Secure, Reliable SaaS Solution

We work with established job boards like you, to ensure that your transition is done right the first time. Migrating your data to a new safe, secure database is our highest priority. As a SaaS provider, Careerleaf provides no cost updates and basic maintenance for your board. You’ll be first in line for testing and suggesting new features and enhancements.

Data Migration: Working with your team, Careerleaf ensures your data is mapped and migrated safely so that nothing is lost.*

Transition Planning: Changing job boards isn’t easy. We get it. That’s why we offer transition planning to help your team identify and close gaps and ensure no interruption of services. *

No Cost Updates: Because Careerleaf is a SaaS solution, you’ll receive no cost regular updates to your products and services.

Custom Development: Careerleaf’s team of experienced developers can create widgets, plugins or custom features. *

Revenue Tools that Make Selling Easy 

Careerleaf’s revenue tools make it easy to connect with your customers through multiple channels. Your new board comes ready made for your product list, advertising options, and all the tools you’ll need to grow and track sales.

Products and Pricing: Take control of your products and pricing with our full featured product suite. Create new products and services, offer bundles and run promotions.

Ecommerce and Invoicing: Sell job posts, advertising or other products and services right inside your board with our Stripe integration. Generate and track invoices for your biggest customers.

Advertising: Feature employers in search results and widgets. Sell display advertising directly to your customers or embed an ad code.

Reporting: Traffic and sales tracking continuity is vital. Integrate your existing Google Analytics on your Careerleaf website Gain a deeper understanding of your business through our analytics and reporting suite. Create custom reports for end of year, invoice tracking and more.

Employer and Partner Tools 

Careerleaf’s permission based employer and partner tools allow you options for manual and automatic approving of invoices, jobs, and employers. Your clients can post jobs, manage candidates in your ATS and share branded content.

Employer Branding Samples

Candidate Tools 

Careerleaf job boards are designed to grow your business. That’s why candidate experience is at the centre of everything we build, and every change we make. Candidates can sign up in just a few clicks, add multiple resumes to their profile and manage their job search. Plus you have flexibility in the application options you provide to candidates. Job search includes multiple location search, exclusion filtering, custom filters and one-click job alert creation.

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