Your Quick Crash Course in Analytics for Job Boards

We’re all seeing “Analytics” and “Big Data” in headlines and predictions about the future of recruiting, not to mention present-day recruitment.

Getting swept away in the buzzwords and marketing rhetoric surrounding the long list of analytics and data-tracking tools and software out there is easier to do than not. And when I find that happening, it’s always a good idea to step back and ask what the heck everyone is really talking about, and how it applies to me, and you, in reality and on a practical level.

Analytics tends be a bit misleading as a term, because while an analytics tool should take data and format it for you in graphs and charts, none of it means much if you don’t actually analyze that information once you’ve got it.

Data-gathering and information overload is easy, sifting through it to find something you can use, something you can act on to improve your business–that’s the hard part.

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Stepping Up Your Game to Compete with the Big Guys

On Halloween we blogged about how the greatly exaggerated death of job boards may in fact be a kind of renaissance (or Zombiepocalypse), given how many not-a-job-boards are out there expanding their services into the very much job board-like territory. (Again, it’s not what you call it that’s important, it’s the service of publishing and selling job ads and candidate/resume database access, among other things.)

And with that, there is the worry that smaller job boards, such as niche, regional, or even internal or company-specific career sites may find themselves outmatched by the Big Guys. It is a real concern not just for recruiters and hiring managers, but for those who provide services in the online recruitment and job search space, and it’s not one to be laughed at.

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Anatomy of a Job Post [Infographic]

Sometimes the actual composition of a job post gets neglected, which can wind up harming your chances of engaging with a great candidate. The job post is often your first point of contact with a candidate, and you should consider putting in the effort of marketing to them as you would a customer.

Below is a breakdown of the parts of a job post and tips on small tweaks in content you can make to better attract the candidates you want to hire.

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Job Boards Aren’t Dead, They’re Getting Better

There’s an ongoing narrative that crops up in the recruiting space that goes something like this: Job Boards are dying! Social media recruiting, that’s the way of the future! Indeed is taking over the world, no room for others! LinkedIn is everything! Job boards are dead, dead, DEAD! (Anyone else get that scene from Monty Python’s Holy Grail running through their head when they hear this? ”Bring out yer dead! Bring out yer dead!”)

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5 Tips for the Future of Your Job Board

Many job boards today are challenged by the prospect of integrating and keeping up with new technologies. Things change so quickly, and the next generation of job candidates won’t even know what to do with old tech. Recruiters and employers go where the candidates are, and candidates already have enough difficulty finding jobs and connecting with employers.

So, here are 5 tips to give your job board a tune-up:

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Why The Candidate Experience Matters for Job Boards

Providing a good Candidate Experience is a huge part of recruitment and onboarding procedures for employers and HR professionals. It starts with the job post, the job board, and the application process.

For recruiters and employers to make successful hires, they need to make a good impression from the start.

That’s where your job board comes in.

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