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    Careerleaf Job Board Software


Refresh Your Job Board

Careerleaf job board software bridges the gap between high-feature, custom-built job boards and low-cost, one-size-fits-all SaaS products, delivering a flexible, feature-rich solution at a manageable cost.

With Careerleaf’s job board software, you get to take control of your brand, your data, and your business. Integrated marketing and content tools make it possible to connect employers with talent on beautiful and easy to use mobile-responsive recruiting platforms.

Careerleaf Job Board Software


Careerleaf Job Board Software

Features For Job Board Owners and Administrators

Careerleaf has given job board owners and administrators the tools and flexibility to manage and grow their business.


Careerleaf job boards are set up to match your business model and generate revenue through multiple channels.

  • Self-serve eCommerce
  • Job posts and featured upgrades
  • Employer branding
  • Candidate database search
  • Third-party ad publishing
  • Pay-per-click XML & real-time API job backfills
  • Choice of Currency for eCommerce
  • Custom Coupons & Discounts
  • Control What Products Are Sold
  • Set Pricing
  • Track sales with analytics & reporting
  • Invoicing & third-party payment gateways


Attract and nurture candidates and customers with marketing automation and by creating and compelling and SEO-friendly content.

  • Content Management with Drag & Drop Editing
  • Blog & News Feed Publishing
  • Media Library
  • Configurable Design
  • Full Solution White Labelling
  • Customizable System Emails
  • Mobile-Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimization Tools
  • CRM & Marketing Automation Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager Integration


We give you the technical foundation to build your SEO and grow your organic traffic. And if you need a little help, we can hook you up with SEO and content services to get going.

  • Yoast SEO Optimization Tool Integration
  • Human-readable URL Structure
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Google for Jobs Compatibility
  • Mobile-Responsive Design
  • Easy Content & Landing Page Creation
  • SEO Services Available
  • Real-Time Google Indexing Available


Careerleaf works with global leaders in job syndication to help you curate the right job content to match your target market.

  •  Jobs Management
  • XML and Real-Time API Backfills
  • ATS Employer Feeds intake*
  • Outbound XML Job Distribution
  • Social Media Job Distribution

*Premium Feature


Access vital information, support your customers, and control your content and product offerings through your powerful Careerleaf admin panel.

  • Admin Dashboard & Analytics
  • eCommerce Reports
  • Employer Account Access
  • User Management
  • Network Multiple Job Sites
  • Analytics Reports
  • Single Sign-On Integrations*
  • Google Analytics Integration

*Premium Feature

Features For Job Seekers

Every job board should be a true resource for job seekers, which is why Careerleaf equips job seekers with an all-in-one toolkit for searching and applying for jobs.


Careerleaf takes the pain out of job searching for your job seekers.

  • Quick job search
  • Mobile-Optimized Search filtering
  • Proximity search
  • Mobile Job Search
  • Job Recommendations


Integrating your job board with social media helps job seekers stay connected

  • LinkedIn Sign On*
  • Facebook Sign On*
  • Facebook App*
  • Social Media Sharing

*Premium Feature


Careerleaf job board software gives your job seekers a powerful toolkit for managing their job search. Our Tracklet™ speeds up the application process and the Universal Job Manager is a “sticky” tool that lets job seekers save and track opportunities.

  • Tracklet™*
  • Universal Job Manager
  • Suggested Jobs
  • Customizable Job Alerts

*Premium Feature


Candidates can present themselves professionally with their profile, as well as store additional resumes and cover letters with the tools available to them on your Careerleaf-powered job board.

  • Profile/Resume Builder
  • Store Resumes
  • Saved Cover Letters
  • Machine-Readable PDF Resumes


Built to be mobile-responsive from inception, Careerleaf-powered job boards work across all devices and screen sizes.

  • Mobile-Responsive Design
  • Mobile Job Search
  • Mobile Job Posts
  • Mobile Apply
  • Mobile Job Manager


Careerleaf job board software

Features For Employers and Recruiters

Careerleaf’s tools for employers keeps things efficient and simple, so they can post and manage their jobs, reach candidates, and evaluate them with ease.


Careerleaf job board software works around the clock to support your ecommerce sales to employers.

  • Self-serve eCommerce
  • Payment History
  • Credits Management


Employers can post and manage their jobs through their easy to use employer dashboard.

  • Employer Dashboard
  • Job Manager: Post, Track, Edit
  • Analytics
  • Multiple Application Methods
  • Featured Job Posts


Careerleaf’s powerful hiring tools allow employers and recruiters to find and evaluate candidates efficiently, all in one place.

  • Shortlisting Tools
  • Candidate Database Search
  • Assign Candidates to Jobs
  • Applicant History
  • Applicant Messaging


Your Careerleaf-powered job board enables your customers to showcase their employer brand.

  • Employer Directory with Logo
  • Employer Profile with Rich Media
  • Featured Employer Profiles
  • Job branding with flexible WYWISYG job posting and iframe options


Careerleaf’s Recruiting Suite add-ons supercharge your job board’s ability to function as your customer’s ATS.

  • Screening Questions*
  • Saved Candidate Searches*
  • Archive Candidates*
  • Applicant Rejection Emails*
  • Applicant Preview*

*Premium Feature


Your customers will love being able to take advantage of mobile candidates, manage multiple users within their employer account, and share their jobs on social media.

  • Social Media Sharing
  • User Management
  • Mobile-Responsive Design



If you’re ready to grow your job board with the help of Careerleaf as your technology partner, get in touch. You can request more information, access a demo, or have us call you for a quick chat.


Careerleaf Job Board Software