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A Careerleaf job board lets you create multiple revenue streams while providing the tools you need to market, promote, and grow your job board into a profitable business.

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Power Your Job Board with Careerleaf

You’re looking to make your mark upon the world and make a difference in the lives of job seekers and employers by starting a modern and mobile-friendly job board. It’s a competitive market out there and you need the right solution to start up your job board and grow it into a profitable business.

We get it, and we can help.

How Careerleaf Helps Job Boards Profit & Compete

Careerleaf puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you take control of your branding, business model, and revenue generation

Generate Revenue

Generate Revenue

  • Sell job posts, featured jobs and featured employer listings to employers
  • Monetize your candidate database with pay-per-candidate access for employers
  • Generate pay-per-click revenue with third-party ad publishing and job backfills

Market and Promote

Market and Promote

  • Create SEO-friendly content and publish it on your job board to attract your target market through search engines and social media
  • Engage customers and users and make sales with help from integrated CRM and marketing automation tools
  • Establish your brand with your logo, colours, images, and messaging taking centre stage

Learn and Grow

Learn and Grow

  • Our best advice and training to get you up and running
  • Access to our knowledge base and job board revenue accelerator resources
  • SEO and content marketing services available to get you going

Plus all the other great features Careerleaf offers its customers, including:

  • Mobile-Responsive Design
  • Google for Jobs Search Compatability
  • Advanced Hiring & Job Search Tools
  • Product & Pricing Control



Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for New Job Board Owners

I want to start a job board, but I’m on a tight budget. Can I afford Careerleaf?

Careerleaf structures its pricing as a one-time set-up fee and a monthly subscription that is tied to the features and data you use, so you can start small and still have room to grow. Ask yourself these questions to see if you’re ready to start your job board!


How can Careerleaf help me drive traffic to my job board?

With a Careerleaf-powered job board, you have the advantage of SEO-friendly URL structures, access to SEO optimizing tools, and the ability to create and optimize and distribute content that helps candidates and employers discover your board.

How can I compete with bigger competitors like aggregators and professional networks?

Your job board can stand out from the crowd and stay competitive by focusing on your target market, with help from Careerleaf’s award-winning user experience, job distribution, social media integrations, and marketing automation tools. Industry-leading configuration options help niche and regional boards customize to better serve their target audience.

How do I make money with a Careerleaf-powered job board?

With Careerleaf, you have the ability to monetize through job posts, featured job posts, featured employers, access to candidate database, pay-per-click job backfills, and display advertising. You can also get creative and offer packages that include service add-ons, like job post writing, recruiting services, or referral agreements with other companies that offer services to job seekers and employers. Read more ideas here.


If you’re ready to start your job board, get in touch with us. You can request more information, access a demo, or have us call you for a quick chat.

Careerleaf Job Board Software