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  • 5,000 Candidate Profiles
  • 25 Direct Sale Jobs
  • 4,000 Total Published Jobs
  • 250,000 Pageviews

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  • 20,000 Candidate Profiles
  • 200 Direct Sale Jobs
  • 20,000 Total Published Jobs
  • 400,000 Pageviews

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A turnkey job board that pays for itself and integrates with your existing ad systems, while showcasing your brand consistently to your audience.



Your business is content and publishing, your partnered ad agencies and sales teams already work within established processes, and you need to protect your brand as your most valuable asset while increasing revenue. We get it, and we can help.

How Careerleaf Helps Publishers Generate Revenuegreen-detail

Monetize your existing subscriber base with job board revenue

Providing sales teams with multiple products and revenue streams to sell:

Providing sales teams with multiple products and revenue streams to sell:

  • Self-serve eCommerce lets employers post jobs and unlock candidates
  • Built-in upsells for employers to feature themselves or their job openings
  • Generate revenue through job backfills and earn on every click

Flexible styling options match your job board to your brand

Flexible styling options match your job board to your brand

  • A white label solution with your logo and colours on one of our beautiful themes
  • CMS to create content, landing pages, and branded content that speak to your audience
  • An award-winning online interface delivering the modern, mobile experience your readers have come to expect

Integrates seamlessly with your ad systems

Integrates seamlessly with your ad systems

  • Copy and paste your ad publisher code into widgets in sidebars and on the homepage
  • Promote your own products, subscriptions, and deals with your existing ad systems
  • Integrate with Google tools like Analytics, Adwords, and Doubleclick to consolidate your metrics

Plus all the other great features Careerleaf offers its customers, including:

  • Mobile-Responsive Design
  • Automated Jobs Backfill & Distribution
  • Private, Secure, Stand-alone Database
  • Advanced Hiring & Job Search Tools



Answers for Publishers about Job Boards

As a publisher who has limited resources to spare, is your solution easy to manage?

Yes. Careerleaf’s solution makes it easy to manage job seeker and employer accounts, job feeds, product pricing, and content. You don’t need a developer or IT specialist to run your Careerleaf-powered job board, and the CMS is powered by the leading CMS on the web making it simple to absorb running the board into your existing content and advertising strategies.

Publishers like me are losing revenue on ads – how does a job board solution help?

Ad blocking technology is impacting online publishers’ revenue through display advertising, while the online recruiting industry is thriving for those who can boast engaged online communities. Your active readership is a candidate database that recruiters and employers will pay to reach.


How can I convince my organization to invest in a new job board software solution?

With our tiered pricing model and resources for managing your board, set predictable revenue goals that will ensure a return on investment and present a solid business case.

How can I create a consistent brand experience for my readership and advertisers?

With our white label solution, your Careerleaf-powered job board displays your own logo and colours, and you have the ability to create and maintain your own branded content on the board, including feeding your own advertisements or links back to your main web property.

Is the money I generate mine or does it go to Careerleaf first?

The revenue you generate with your Careerleaf-powered board goes directly to you.

I’m used to a revenue-sharing model. Why is this better?

After selecting the pricing plan that best suits your needs and setting your minimum revenue targets, your potential for profit is greater with a subscription model. Revenue-sharing models usually work by directing all revenue to the service provider first, then giving 10-40% of the revenue back to you. Some rev-share agreements also require a minimum number of sales, and other companies with this model have recently shut down. We know this model works better for you and us, meaning we both win.



If you’re thinking about generating revenue with a job board, or you want to switch to a newer, better solution, get in touch with us. You can request more information, a personalized demo, or have us call you for a quick chat.


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