Recruitment Tech News for November

The month of November has brought with it some interesting news that’s ripe for discussion in the recruiting industry.

Both Facebook and Google are testing products relating to recruiting and job search, so today we’ll give you the highlights on these news stories along with our key takeaways for job boards.


Facebook Jobs

The Story:

Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow companies to not only add a “Jobs” tab to their Pages, but also post jobs directly to the social media platform. It also includes a basic application delivered as a Facebook Message.

The Reaction:

Some view this development as a certain threat to LinkedIn and Indeed, while others wonder if using a primarily personal social media platform for recruiting may ultimately backfire on Facebook, and change the way its users share and interact on the platform.

The Outcome:

The impact of Facebook potentially becoming a recruiting platform is hard to judge at this point. Receiving job applications as private messages might get cumbersome for high volume jobs, and larger companies will likely still prefer their own applicant tracking systems.

Facebook is also notoriously challenging when it comes to getting traction for small businesses who don’t pay to promote their content. As such, the benefit of Facebook Jobs may be dependent on how easy it is for those jobs to get on users’ newsfeeds, or how steep their is price for promoting jobs.

Key Takeaway for Job Boards:

If it’s free and easy to use, job boards may be able to take advantage of another simple way to use social media to their advantage. It will be especially important for job boards targeting small businesses to stay on top of ways they can integrate with Facebook Jobs to help their employer customers reach candidates.

UPDATE: Check out our post The Status of Facebook Jobs: It’s Complicated to learn more


Google Cloud Jobs API

The Story:

Back in July there were rumours circling that Google was about to disrupt the recruiting industry – possibly with a job board or job search engine of its own. Well, this month Google announced their Cloud Jobs API. They are currently working with a few key companies during its alpha testing – which means it’s mostly built, but it’s not yet ready for beta testing with a wider audience.

From the sounds of it, the Jobs API is focused on improving job search. The official statement mentions dealing with acronyms, synonyms, and industry-specific jargon that is present in job descriptions but not necessarily in search queries, as well as better location mapping. It will also use machine learning to anticipate what job seekers are looking for, and offer targeted recommendations.

The Reaction:

For the moment, job boards may look upon Google Cloud Jobs API as a friend, rather than foe, given that its purpose seems to to be enhancing a single component, rather than replace or supplant job boards. The impact of these new developments may be felt when it comes to duplicate content (that is, the same job post content posted in more than one place). There is a very real possibility that Google’s job search may become the “standard” for job search on career sites and job boards.

The Outcome:

Is Google going to crush us all? Probably not. Google is the de-facto world leader when it comes to online search, and it makes sense that the company isn’t trying to directly compete with recruiting platforms, but work with them in this specific area. As a result, job boards and career sites will be able to use the Job API to provide better job search functionality.

If better job search tools are more widely available, it may be a boon to recruiters as much as it would be for job seekers. If more and more recruiting technologies enable integration with Google Jobs API, niche, regional, and specialized job boards who use it will have yet another competitive advantage over giants like Indeed and LinkedIn, or even Facebook. It also shifts the focus of competition amongst recruiting platforms to job search algorithms – perhaps forcing larger platforms to focus on it as well.

Key Takeaway for Job Boards:

It may take some time before Google’s Jobs API enters the marketplace in a significant way, but it may prove to be a great tool for job boards in the future. How it will impact large and/or legacy recruiting platforms remains to be seen, but could cause larger shake-ups down the line.

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