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Careerleaf offers a range of services to help your board do better. From transition planning, to audits, to consulting, to managed services, our team of job board design, development and marketing professionals will help you meet your business goals. 

Job Board Management

Want to focus more on sales and less on the technical side of running a job board? Our job board experts can take over the regular maintenance, support and reporting that your team is struggling with. 

✓ Set up basic job board reporting including views, applies, sales

✓ Monitor feeds, scrapes and Careerleaf Reach Syndication

 ✓ Monitor your WordPress CMS for updates and upgrades

Scraping and Job Wrapping

Backfill feeds can provide valuable job inventory but they aren’t always enough. Careerleaf’s scraping and job wrapping services allow you to tailor feeds to your business needs. Custom scraping lets you take total control over what jobs are automatically published to your site, and from where. Our job wrapping lets you sell automatic posting to your most important partners or clients.

✓ Priced by feed to give you more flexibility

✓ Scrape any career site or job board*

✓ We regularly test and maintain your feeds

*Some exceptions may apply

Migration and Transition Planning

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When established job boards migrate to Careerleaf, we ensure data is correctly mapped and nothing is lost. We work with your team to ensure a smooth transition of business processes and delivery of services. We offer RFP consultations, templates, tools and expertise to help you identify your requirements. 

✓ Capacity and technology assessments

✓ Process mapping and project planning

✓ Migration and transition plans

✓ A-la-carte or start to finish project management

Branding and Design Services

When established job boards migrate to Careerleaf, we ensure data is correct. Our marketing specialists will tune up your job board marketing through smart automations, social media and content management. Sell branding products that our team fulfills on your behalf. 

✓ Employer Branding Templates

✓ Email marketing automations

✓ Client and Job Seeker email campaign templates

✓ CRM integration

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Careerleaf provides developer support for your team including resources and consulting and custom development. We offer a test environment where you can customize your job board, upload CSS, install plugins and widgets. 

✓ Custom plugins and widgets

✓ CSS support and code snippets

✓ Custom integrations

Careerleaf Services Pricing

PublisherClassicCommunityCorporateSet Up (USD)Monthly (USD)
Designer Support Package$300
Developer Support$0.00Starts at $150
Board ManagementQuote
Marketing ServicesQuote
Technology Transition Analysis and PlanStarts at $5,000
Welcome Email Campaign$200 DIY
$600 for setup
Job Board Feature Campaign$200 DIY
$600 for setup
Employer Tier Page Templates (Pack of 3)1500
Features Sales Assets (PPT, PDF)$1000 DIY
$2000 for white labelled
White Labelled Recruiting Services

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