Meet Careerleaf at Penticton

Meet Careerleaf at Hiring & Workforce Housing Forum

The City of Penticton’s Economic Development department is organizing the Hiring & Workforce Housing Forum on Sept. 18, 2019, a ground-breaking event that intends to handle some of the most complex challenges faced by the workplaces today. 

This stream is intended to give hands on training and valuable resources to those looking to up their game and reach the right labour market. The full-day event will host experts, running interactive workshops to help employers learn the latest concepts, achieve same-day results and gain new skills to help your organization attract your ideal recruit and scope out new opportunities.

Meet Event Speaker from Careerleaf

Jonathan Page, MBA, BEd, BFA – President Careerleaf

He has a passion for recruiting technology that started with the sourcing and purchasing of his company’s first ATS in 2008, liberating his recruiting team from the time-wasting process of receiving applications and managing candidates via email. Prior to moving to Careerleaf, Jonathan managed the 35 partner businesses of the Workopolis Niche Network with accountability for P&L, relationship management, product marketing and sales support. He has a background in implementing innovative product and marketing solutions. He has worked as a consultant and relationship manager to top global brands including Unilever and Wrigley. Together with his experience in online recruitment marketing and sales, he is ideally suited to leading Careerleaf in its mission to bring technological and business excellence to job boards around the world.

Careerleaf Job board solution

Careerleaf powers leading job boards and recruiting platforms with Software-as-a-Service solutions. Our software lets job board owners deliver tools and features for job seekers, employers and recruiters, and managing their job board website as a business.

Known for our attention to great design, user experience, and making the lives of job seekers and employers easier, Careerleaf job board software is mobile-responsive, flexible, and powerful. We make it possible for job board owners to generate revenue through multiple channels, market and promote products and services, and maintain ownership and control over branding.

Balancing Act: Speaking to Both Candidates and Recruiters

Balancing Act: Speaking to Both Candidates and Recruiters

Job Board. Careers Portal. Recruiting Platform. Talent Acquisition Platform. Website that does the thing.


There are lots of different names for digital spaces where people get connected with employers and job opportunities. A recent post by Jeff Dickey-Chasins over on Job Board Doctor’s blog got me thinking about how individual job boards are communicating their value to their customers.


Is “Job Board” a Bad Name?

Many recruiters have come to associate the term “job board” with old, outdated relics of the 90s and early 2000s that are difficult to use. It makes a compelling case for job boards to rebrand themselves as something different.


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How Job Boards Help Publishers Generate Revenue and Cope with Industry Disruption

How Job Boards Help Publishers Generate Revenue and Cope with Industry Disruption

Publishing is an industry that is no stranger to disruption. The digital revolution, while no longer new, still continues to make waves in publishing as technology, media, economic and social forces all impact both new publishers and venerable institutions that have been around for more than a century.


Subscriptions and advertising have traditionally made up the bulk of newspaper and magazine revenue, and it’s no different for today’s publishers. Online advertising has long been a staple of Internet-based businesses as well, and news sites, online magazines, and blogs have good track records of being able to deliver the traffic that advertisers seek from them.


The challenge of generating revenue from advertising is not simply down to transitioning from print to digital for publishers (especially given how many big players are now digital-first), but also in navigating the increasingly complex world of online advertising. From PPC and programmatic advertising to interstitials and paywalls, the online publishing world has been at the forefront of testing out and experimenting with new ways to sustain themselves and profit through advertising revenue.

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How a Job Board Can Help Revitalize a Local Economy

How a Job Board Can Help Revitalize Your Local Economy

Chambers of commerce and local governments representing and working with businesses outside of big cities have generally witnessed a slower economic recovery than those of their urban-dwelling neighbours. Many chambers are launching and implementing economic development projects to encourage the development and retention of local businesses and workers.


But industries have changed due to automation, globalization, and the rise of service and technology sectors, making it difficult to retain the young talent they raised and educated and attract new workers and residents.


So, how can chambers of commerce help local economies evolve?

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