Happy Holidays from Careerleaf

The team here at Careerleaf is honoured to help customers make an impact in the personal lives of their job seekers and the businesses of their customers.  

We’re sending out our warmest wishes to our extended community and hope the coming year brings peace and prosperity to all.

In the spirit of reflection, we’ve compiled a list of things that have happened this year — some of them are Big Deals, and some of them are silly things that make us smile. We hope you enjoy it! Thanks for making 2015 a fantastic year, and we can’t wait for what 2016 is going to bring.

Happy Holidays!

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‘Women in Leadership’ features Afifa – Careerleaf’s CEO and Lead Chocolatier

It’s no secret – when it comes to the CEO position, women are grossly underrepresented in the Canadian workplace. If this list of Canada’s top 100 earning CEOs serves as an appropriate sample, women only represent 3% of these business leaders. Just three percent! The rest of the workplace is 47% female.


It’s a contrast for those of us at Careerleaf, where we’re led by our CEO Afifa Siddiqui. As it turns out, we also came upon the opportunity to feature her for Women in Leadership, a national charity that aims to inspire Canadian women to fulfill their potential by assembling communities, providing mentoring, and organizing networking events.


Curiously, WIL was more interested in telling Afifa’s story as an entrepreneur, rather than her role as our office’s primary merchant of chocolate. Even so, we jumped at the chance, and the feature has just gone live. Check it out here!

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Hey Careerleaf, why don’t you offer a job board app?

Super-obvious, statement-of-fact, spoiler-alert for off-the-grid lifestylers: mobile devices are the most popular way users access the Internet, growing almost 400% over the last four years.


While riding the city bus, I noticed just how many of the passengers were using a device to send a message, play a game, watch a video, etc. Seeing someone using a smartphone is something I take for granted, but once I took a moment to focus on what my fellow passengers were doing, I experienced a split second of amazement – these mobile devices are everywhere!


Given the mobile revolution, we are often asked, “Why don’t you offer a job board app”?

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Guest Posting Guidelines

Every so often, we get an email inquiring about guest posting on the Careerleaf blog. It’s awesome and flattering that people like what we’re doing on here and want to contribute, so I’ve compiled some guidelines for anyone wishing to pitch something.


Your Guide to Guest Blogging on Careerleaf

First up, who is this blog for? You’re not just throwing words out into the vacuum of space, here. We have a specific audience, and some restrictions as far as subject matter goes.


Our Audience Includes:

  • Recruiting and HR professionals
  • Careerleaf customers (and staff! FYI – My secondary job title is now Benevolent Keeper of the Peanut M&Ms. Visit my desk when you need your sugar fix!)
  • Job board owners, marketers, and developers
  • Online media publishers
  • Professional association staff
  • Recruitment marketers
  • Employers with frequent or heavy recruiting needs
  • My mom
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The API: Your New Best Friend In Recruitment Tech

API. Ape-y Eye? Application Program Interface. It’s a thing. A big thing. It’s a thing you should know about. If programming languages aren’t your thing, don’t worry. That’s what I’m here for: cutting through the buzzwords to help us all understand what it is and how it impacts recruitment technology.

An API acts like a translator between two pieces of web-based software.

For example: let’s say you use a third-party application to track and analyze how many followers you have on Twitter. When you create your account, it doesn’t ask you to enter your email and a username or password. All you have to do is log into your Twitter account, and give the app permission to talk to your Twitter data.

An API does that.

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Careerleaf and UK Part Time Jobs Are Onrec Award Finalists

Careerleaf is proud to share the news that we are among the finalists nominated for the 2015 Onrec Online Recruiting Awards. Careerleaf is pleased to have been made a finalist in the category of Best Online Candidate Experience for a supplier, and for our very own Careerleaf employees, Roman Lyashov and Jon Gaulin, to have been nominated for Personality of the Year and Unsung Hero of the Year, respectively.


But that’s not all!

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New Client Site: TeamCronos.com

Careerleaf is pleased to announce the newly re-launched website of TeamCronos.com, featuring our award-winning job search technology and our online recruitment solutions. Cronos Consulting Group, is a specialized recruitment firm based in Canada, and is using Careerleaf’s beta Recruiter Platform.


Q & A With Careerleaf CEO Afifa Siddiqui

How did Careerleaf get started?
The idea we had was to help the average job seeker find their place in the world of work. At the time, I was running my company, TeamCronos, a niche recruiting firm, where we place specialized engineers at the top of their fields. While working with the top 5% of my industry, folks who didn’t necessarily need help finding work, I was also seeing most job seekers we came in contact with struggle to do a job search. The majority of the population doesn’t get much help with landing their ideal careers. And interestingly, many job seekers are doing things that are not necessarily in their best interests. I saw a problem to solve.

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