5 Ways to Strengthen your Candidate Recruitment – Guest Post

Careerleaf was originally founded from a belief that there was a better way to connect talent with employers through technology. Even with the progress we’ve made through the years, our journey is far from over; in fact, it will never end. Philosophically, we believe that our products (as well as our team) can always be improved upon.


So in the spirit of continuously bettering the recruitment process, Wayne Fleming, recruitment and HR consultant from Flexi Personnelis making a guest contribution to our blog this week on how to strengthen one’s candidate recruitment.

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How to Evaluate HR Recruiting Software – Guest Post

Guest Post by Skornia Allison. For information on submitting guest posts, see our guidelines here.


How do we evaluate a human capital management technology or software to make sure it fulfills all of our recruiting needs? With the countless solutions out there, making a pick can be quite difficult. While someone is trying to sell you a product that is configurable and easy-to-use, someone else may be pitching about the features of their product that are hard to find. Most of what of what you should be selecting depends on what is fit for your organization and its recruiting needs. If you’re not a large company, you may not need highly advanced software with extensive options. You could be a small/medium sized organization looking for simplistic solutions to fulfill only the most basic of needs.

Conducting a thorough evaluation of the recruiting tools available and deciding what should or should not be implemented is necessary to ensure an efficient and painless recruiting process. Without a doubt, the best solution has a propensity to speed up the recruiting process, involve more people in the hiring process, and enable you to focus on the tasks that are best handled in-person. Here’s my guide to evaluating HR recruiting technology – a way to help you sift through piles of technology and software solutions.

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