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For many of you, job backfill feeds are a familiar part of the job board and recruitment ecosystem. They supplement natively posted jobs on your board by providing automatically published jobs from across the jobosphere. Feeds enhance the job seeker experience, increasing the likelihood they find relevant opportunities and encouraging return visits.  

For more insights into backfills and why they are worth considering, read our blogs posts on backfill feeds. Or here is a quick summary:   

What Are Backfill Feeds? 

Backfill feeds work by collecting job posts, employer profiles, and sometimes even candidate data. Usually they are exported as XML or RSS feeds, but sometimes they require an API to function. These feeds can be set up in your Careerleaf board so that they automatically publish jobs directly into your board. For most niche job boards the challenge with backfill is relevance. Poor filtering controls and inventory gaps make these feeds at best inconsistent and, at worst, they can undermine the core value proposition of your site. 

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Feed Me, Need Me (Part 1): A Primer on Curating a Jobs Backfill

A lot of you who are starting or in the midst of running a job board want to learn more about or make better use of jobs backfills. But, it can get complicated when you get down to the nitty-gritty choices and variations available to you, so we’ve created a 2-part Backfill Primer blog series to help you become an expert!


Part 1: Curating a Jobs Backfill

  1. What is a jobs backfill?
  2. Why would I want a backfill?
  3. Can I use backfills to make money?
  4. What options and variations of jobs backfills will I come across?
  5. What are the Pros and Cons of Using Backfills?
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    • Cons
  6. Backfill Responsibly
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