Recruitment Software: You are the User or You are the Loser

It’s interesting to read how other software providers (especially those who provide a hosted solution, like we do) talk around mobile websites. Many companies can claim to offer mobile solutions for their customers, but it’s important to find out precisely what that means for the end user. If you don’t, you may lose out–on the traffic, business, or good hires you’re hoping to reach.

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On the Necessity of Mobile-Ready Job Sites

Why do you need to jumpstart your mobile strategy? Here are four big reasons.

The Majority of Americans Use Smartphones Now

According to PEW Research, as of January 2014, 58% of American adults are using smartphones. That number jumps to 83% when looking only at American adults aged 18-29. Even 49% of those aged 50-64 are smartphone users, with those in the 30-49 age bracket at 74%.

Okay, so we know mobile browsing and Internet usage is overwhelmingly prevalent, but how does that translate to online businesses, job boards, and career websites?

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5 Tips for the Future of Your Job Board

Many job boards today are challenged by the prospect of integrating and keeping up with new technologies. Things change so quickly, and the next generation of job candidates won’t even know what to do with old tech. Recruiters and employers go where the candidates are, and candidates already have enough difficulty finding jobs and connecting with employers.

So, here are 5 tips to give your job board a tune-up:

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