Reimagining your Professional Association as a Recruiter

I think bamboo is a fantastic material. From construction scaffolding, human edible food, and entire luxury houses, the grass has been employed in an endless variety of ways through some creative reimagining of what the material was and what role it could play.


The human brain does, in fact, act oddly when faced with different assumptions and frames. Simply asking a question in a different way, or considering a different perspective can derive a different result. Consider the following based on Kahneman & Tversky’s often cited study:


An outbreak threatens to kill 600 people. There are two possible courses of action:

  • Program A will save 200 people.
  • Program B has a ⅓ chance of saving everyone, and a ⅔ chance of saving no one.


Now, imagine the same scenario, but different options:

  • Program C will kill 400 people.
  • Program D has a ⅓ chance of saving everyone, and a ⅔ chance of saving no one.


All four plans theoretically deliver the same result – save 200 people – but 72% of those surveyed would choose program A over B (certainty instead of risk), yet 78% would choose program D over C (risk instead of certainty). The dramatic difference can be accounted for the way A and C are framed – one is positive and one is negative.


So for professional associations out there looking to do more for your membership and increase revenue: it’s time to reimagine your organization…as a recruiter.

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Enhancing Recruitment Marketing with SEO

I can still recall, quite vividly, the days when my whole household had one cellphone, and it was carried by the family member who could justify the greatest need for it.


In 2007, I reluctantly purchased my first cellphone that I didn’t share with a family member. I was 22 at the time and being a late adopter was a point of pride – I wanted to see how long I could hold out before being swallowed by the mobile revolution. Tell that to my parents, and they’d laugh thinking about the technology they had when they were 22. Tell that to one of my cousins in high school, and well, they’d probably laugh as well – who waits till they’re 22 until getting their very own phone?


Fast forward to today, and I’m more likely to leave my house without my wallet than my cellphone – a sentiment that I believe is quite significant in terms of how the Internet and proliferation of mobile devices has truly changed our society.

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Job Boards, Aggregators, Recruitment, and Applicant Tracking: The Basics and Blurred Lines

Who are you? What do you want? What are you looking for?

No, I’m not trying to send you into an existential tailspin, I just want to understand the business problems that your technology needs to solve.

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of overlap and blurring of lines between what had previously been distinct needs, functions, and uses. Terms like “recruitment”, “applicant tracking” and “job board” are now—sometimes confusingly—used interchangeably. There’s good reason for this, however, what with all the blurring and overlapping going on. But their nuanced differences can still be very important, and can affect the core of what your organization’s business and technology needs are or may become.


So let’s first separate these out, and see where that blurring and overlapping is happening!

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Data-Driven Recruitment Marketing


Previously on Ye Olde Careerleaf Blog, we went over the basics of website analytics and what metrics are useful for job boards to measure.

“Big Data” is a phrase that is not going to go away any time soon, in the recruiting industry or any other. But how do you begin to truly understand what it is, how to find it, and how to apply it to a recruiting or job board business?

First off, where is this data coming from? The first thing to know, is that your data doesn’t have to be “big” in order to be useful to you.

Here are some typical sources of data that your business should have access to:

  • Website and Recruiting Analytics
  • Feedback from Employers and Recruiters
  • Third party “Big Data”
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Careerleaf and UK Part Time Jobs Are Onrec Award Finalists

Careerleaf is proud to share the news that we are among the finalists nominated for the 2015 Onrec Online Recruiting Awards. Careerleaf is pleased to have been made a finalist in the category of Best Online Candidate Experience for a supplier, and for our very own Careerleaf employees, Roman Lyashov and Jon Gaulin, to have been nominated for Personality of the Year and Unsung Hero of the Year, respectively.


But that’s not all!

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Stepping Up Your Game to Compete with the Big Guys

On Halloween we blogged about how the greatly exaggerated death of job boards may in fact be a kind of renaissance (or Zombiepocalypse), given how many not-a-job-boards are out there expanding their services into the very much job board-like territory. (Again, it’s not what you call it that’s important, it’s the service of publishing and selling job ads and candidate/resume database access, among other things.)

And with that, there is the worry that smaller job boards, such as niche, regional, or even internal or company-specific career sites may find themselves outmatched by the Big Guys. It is a real concern not just for recruiters and hiring managers, but for those who provide services in the online recruitment and job search space, and it’s not one to be laughed at.

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