Evolving SEO for Recruitment

You survived Mobilegeddon.

Emerging from the post-apocalyptic wreckage of the last Google search algorithm update, you stand tall and proud, with a mobile-friendly recruiting website that can be found and easily accessed by candidates.

But what’s that? Something strange and unknown moves on the horizon in the distance. You squint, but can’t quite make it out. And then in a flash, it’s right before you!

Frozen in terror, you don’t know what to do next! It’s…it’s…

It’s another Google Search Algorithm Update!

But it’s cool. It’s not scary, and here’s why: The secret about Google and other search engines’ continuing changes to their search algorithms is that they’re designed to make searching better, to deliver search results for what people are actually looking for.

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Hey Careerleaf, why don’t you offer a job board app?

Super-obvious, statement-of-fact, spoiler-alert for off-the-grid lifestylers: mobile devices are the most popular way users access the Internet, growing almost 400% over the last four years.


While riding the city bus, I noticed just how many of the passengers were using a device to send a message, play a game, watch a video, etc. Seeing someone using a smartphone is something I take for granted, but once I took a moment to focus on what my fellow passengers were doing, I experienced a split second of amazement – these mobile devices are everywhere!


Given the mobile revolution, we are often asked, “Why don’t you offer a job board app”?

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Enhancing Recruitment Marketing with SEO

I can still recall, quite vividly, the days when my whole household had one cellphone, and it was carried by the family member who could justify the greatest need for it.


In 2007, I reluctantly purchased my first cellphone that I didn’t share with a family member. I was 22 at the time and being a late adopter was a point of pride – I wanted to see how long I could hold out before being swallowed by the mobile revolution. Tell that to my parents, and they’d laugh thinking about the technology they had when they were 22. Tell that to one of my cousins in high school, and well, they’d probably laugh as well – who waits till they’re 22 until getting their very own phone?


Fast forward to today, and I’m more likely to leave my house without my wallet than my cellphone – a sentiment that I believe is quite significant in terms of how the Internet and proliferation of mobile devices has truly changed our society.

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No Excuses: Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Rules

Mobile-friendly career sites are now a must, because Google is putting its foot down.

Since last year, Google has indicated to mobile users whether websites listed in their search results were mobile-friendly. Now, websites that are not mobile-friendly will now begin to be affected in how they rank in search results.

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Your Quick Crash Course in Analytics for Job Boards

We’re all seeing “Analytics” and “Big Data” in headlines and predictions about the future of recruiting, not to mention present-day recruitment.


Getting swept away in the buzzwords and marketing rhetoric surrounding the long list of analytics and data-tracking tools and software out there is easier to do than not. And when I find that happening, it’s always a good idea to step back and ask what the heck everyone is really talking about, and how it applies to me, and you, in reality and on a practical level.


Analytics tends be a bit misleading as a term, because while an analytics tool should take data and format it for you in graphs and charts, none of it means much if you don’t actually analyze that information once you’ve got it.


Data-gathering and information overload is easy, sifting through it to find something you can use, something you can act on to improve your business–that’s the hard part.

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3 No-Nonsense Ways to Improve Your SEO

There is so much about Search Engine Optimization out there and everybody has an opinion. It’s difficult to sift through what’s true, what’s outdated, and what’s just smoke and mirrors sold at a high price. So we put together three sensible, but maybe not-so-obvious, ways to improve your SEO:

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5 Tips for the Future of Your Job Board

Many job boards today are challenged by the prospect of integrating and keeping up with new technologies. Things change so quickly, and the next generation of job candidates won’t even know what to do with old tech. Recruiters and employers go where the candidates are, and candidates already have enough difficulty finding jobs and connecting with employers.

So, here are 5 tips to give your job board a tune-up:

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