Top 5 Job Board and Recruiting Industry Insights

There are lots of interesting things going on in the recruiting industry right now. You might be spending an exciting week attending IAEWS’s Fall Congress and/or the HR Tech conference in Las Vegas. Since I can’t be there, I spent some time gathering up the top industry insights and news items for you to read.

And by “top”, I mean: “stuff I thought was pretty interesting, and hope you will, too”. Have a look-see:


1. Creativity Will Prevent the Robopocalypse

Over at Blogging4Jobs, Mike Haberman talks about the importance of encouraging creativity in the face of radical change in employment due to automation and artificial intelligence (otherwise known as robots taking over your jobs:

Rather than spending millions of dollars in trying to train people on how to be more creative, what if we revise how we educate our children and stop teaching them to be uncreative? Let’s try to perpetuate the creative urges children have throughout their educational life. That way, when they hit the working world we will not have to teach them how to be creative.

Coming to the working world as a very creative person will allow future employees to more easily adapt to new situations. They will have the ability to easily invent new ways of working that keep them employed instead of being displaced by automation.

It’s a known fact that robots are not good at poetry. This will be your competitive edge in the future job market, dear humans.


  1. Mobile Search > Desktop Search

TechCrunch reports that Google searches on mobile surpassed searches conducted on desktops for the first time this summer.

Google’s search chief Amit Singhal said for the first time this summer, more Google searches were completed on mobile devices than desktop computers.

Singhal said Google fields more than 100 billion searches per month. The number is particularly significant because Singhal was speaking about just devices with screens that are less than six inches, so it excludes many tablets.

For the recruiting industry, it’s becoming a no-brainer that all websites, including job boards, career pages, and ATSs need to be optimized for mobile users. Those mobile users are not a minority subsection of strange and unusual creatures from Gen Y, but rather the majority of people demonstrating everyday behaviour. Wanting to search, investigate, and apply for jobs on mobile devices is a given, and you should be ready.


  1. Money, That’s What They Want

StaffingIndustry reports on a recent survey that found pay, schedule, and hours were the top reasons why employees turn down job offers or leave an organization.

“The message here is clear,” said Express CEO Bob Funk. “Pay is the top priority among today’s workers. That certainly makes sense considering the reports we have seen about stagnant wages. The trouble, of course, is that so many businesses are dealing with confusing regulatory changes that cause uncertainty, which slows their investment in the future of their workforce. Those that can offer raises, or more hours for that matter, are going to find workers ready to change jobs.”

To me, this also drives home the importance of communicating well with candidates, so as to attract the right people for the job, and not waste your time or theirs due to misaligned expectations.


  1. Content Marketing = Moneyball

James Ellis over on RecruitingDaily advocates a Moneyball-type approach for SMBs that can’t compete against companies with larger marketing and advertising budgets, but can afford to create thoughtful, authentic, and focused content and job descriptions.

You actually don’t want more ads and more traffic and more applications. You want one amazing candidate for every job opening you, not dozens or hundreds of prospects.

That changes the game immensely, doesn’t it? Instead of fighting an ever-escalating arms race of who can put the most ads in the field, who can cast the widest net, and who can get the most applications, you need to think very differently about drawing that one perfect candidate in.

This is spot-on advice, as far as I’m concerned.


  1. Authenticity in Branding and Job Board-ing:

In a similar vein, Jeff Dickey-Chasins (AKA Job Board Doctor) talks about the value of authenticity in branding and operating your job board:

Interaction: In traditional job boards, interaction is pretty much limited to applying for a job. With a more authentic site, there is real give and take. This can happen in forums, in the comments sections below articles, via direct comments back from employers or job board staff, or via interaction between candidates. If there’s interaction, there is also a likelihood that the site becomes ‘more real’ for the candidate.

Great minds think alike! Finding ways to engage your job board users can help turn it from an unremarkable website where transactions take place, to an online community that people return to repeatedly.

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    Great Insights! It seems that How can you connect with the right candidates when they are looking for new opportunities? Meanwhile, the Job Board and Recruiting industry has retooled and rethought its methods to proactively find the right fit for the job, rather than waiting for the best candidates to come to them.

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