About Us

Careerleaf is a software company that has developed an innovative, next-generation job board platform as well as a range of other advanced online recruitment tools.

We are an experienced team of technology and recruitment professionals with a burning desire to make things better. Our passion, driven by years of frustration both experienced and observed, has fueled the creation of a totally new approach that is focused on the candidate experience and powered by a candidate-driven platform that makes it easy for candidates and employers alike to be presented better and found easily.

Our software platform is designed to improve the competitiveness of job board operators by keeping candidates focused on their websites while increasing their value proposition through employer services and solutions and improving the competitiveness of candidates by keeping them organized, found, and presented well.

Aside from our white-label job board software platform we have also developed unique mobile-optimized tools like Tracklet™, a virtual assistant for job seekers that cuts their application time in half by making it easy to drag, drop, track and apply to jobs found anywhere on the web and other tools like integrated hiring solutions, which connect the candidate dashboard with employer services.

To learn how a Careerleaf solution can improve your competitiveness please contact us today.