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 Careerleaf Job Board Software

We power the technology behind leading job boards and recruiting platforms. With Careerleaf you can:

  • Generate Revenue through multiple channels
  • Help employers Find Great Talent with effective tools
  • Give job seekers a great, Mobile-Friendly Experience
  • Market and Promote your products and services
  • Own Your Data, and white label with Your Brand

Who We Help

There are many types of businesses and organizations who need a robust and flexible job board to facilitate connections between job seekers and opportunities, and employers with talent. Careerleaf job board software is able to serve a variety of clients including established job boards, membership-based associations, nonprofits, publishers, recruiting companies, cities and municipal regions, chambers of commerce, and educational institutions.

Generate Revenue

Careerleaf Job Board Software is configured to match your business model and generate revenue through the channels that are important to you.

Monetize job seeker traffic with:

  • Self-serve eCommerce
  • Job posts and featured upgrades
  • Employer branding
  • Candidate database search
  • Third-party ad publishing
  • Pay-per-click job backfills

Manage your business easily with:

  • Control over products sold
  • Set pricing
  • Create custom discounts
  • Track sales with analytics & reporting
  • Set up XML & real-time API job backfills
  • Invoicing & third-party payment gateways

Make Connections

Careerleaf delivers powerful features to help connect people with opportunities, and employers with talent.

Employers will love you for these features:

  • Easy job posting & jobs management
  • Candidate search & shortlisting tools
  • Candidate screening and messaging
  • Employer branding options

Job seekers will love you for:

  • The mobile-responsive design
  • Profile & resume tools for quick applying
  • Job search management tools including Tracklet™
  • Job alerts and suggestions on their dashboard

Design Your Success

Mobile-responsive from its inception, our solution works for your users across all devices and screen sizes.

We pride ourselves on providing good user experiences on aesthetically pleasing designs.

Careerleaf delivers great design by:

  • Giving job seekers and employers an intuitive experience
  • Saving time spent on customer support
  • Unlocking your access to mobile user traffic
  • Helping your job board look professional and beautiful

Market Your Business

With industry-leading content management and engagement tools, you can control your branding and messaging.

Careerleaf provides the tools to create and optimize compelling content to attract and engage your target market and be found on search engines.

Market your job board with:

  • Content Management
  • Blog and News Feeds
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • CRM & Marketing Automation Integration
  • Google for Jobs Compatibility

Take Ownership

Careerleaf’s white label solution lets your logos, images, colours, and messaging take centre stage so your users and customers associate the value you provide with your brand, not ours.

Unlike other solutions which may leverage your data to compete with you directly, with Careerleaf you maintain ownership of your candidate and customer data. It’s your platform, not ours.

How Careerleaf helps you take ownership:

  • Hosting your job board on its own secure instance
  • Not splitting or sharing databases between customers
  • Placing your branding at centre-stage
  • You own your data, not us

About Careerleafgreen-detail

About Us

About Us

Careerleaf powers leading job boards and recruiting platforms with Software-as-a-Service solutions. Our software lets job board owners deliver tools and features for job seekers, employers and recruiters, and managing their job board website as a business.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Careerleaf job board software is mobile-responsive, flexible, and powerful. We make it possible for job board owners to generate revenue through multiple channels, market and promote products and services, and maintain ownership and control over branding.

What People Are Saying

Stephanie Miles

/ AppVita.com

"What we liked: The Tracklet ™ tool will automatically fill in certain job applications What we didn’t like: Nothing"

Regional Recruiting Platform Owner

"When we came across Careerleaf, we were instantly seduced by the visuals and basic yet powerful user journeys."

Association Job Board Owner

"Working with Careerleaf has made running our job board seamless and helped us significantly increase our job board revenue."

Niche Job Board Owner

"Careerleaf is always on top of the latest advancements of job boards."

Regional Recruiting Platform Owner

"Loved as well the quality of exchanges we had with the team, especially Jonathan, it is always a pleasure to have the ability to speak about high-level stuff"

Association Job Board Owner

"Once we got set up, the board has pretty much run itself."

Niche Job Board Owner

"Careerleaf has helped make it easier for me to market my job board and generate traffic with my blog, especially since it’s all mobile-friendly."

Blackriver Partners

"It was time someone came up with some streamlined ATS functionalities and lean, user engaging visuals assuring fast user adoption... on both sides of the job board!"

Boston Public Library

/ Boston Public Library

"Careerleaf is a great portal for managing your job hunt."

Niche Job Board Owner

"The difference between what I used before and switching to Careerleaf is night and day. I can sleep better at night knowing our job board is in good hands and everything is functioning correctly."

Talk to Careerleafgreen-detail

If you’re ready to grow your job board with the help of Careerleaf as your technology partner, get in touch. You can request more information, access a demo, or have us call you for a quick chat.

Careerleaf Job Board Software