Who We Are

Careerleaf builds and markets technology for online recruitment, including white-label job board software.

Our Mission


Our mission is to transform the painful — and often dehumanizing — experience of looking for work, looking for talent, and administering job boards into a refreshingly positive experience. We do this by providing continuously evolving technology delivered through clean, modern, user-friendly and mobile-responsive designs. We build our job board software to be efficient for employers, fun for candidates, and intuitively easy to use. Our solutions help career site owners deliver an exceptional user experience to their candidates and employers, while helping them generate additional revenue.

Our History

Careerleaf began as tiny kernel of an idea – job searching stinks, let’s make it better! We envisioned making things better for everyone, not just the top tiers of candidates and employers. Our first product was a consumer-facing website created with an all-in-one toolkit for searching and applying for jobs. We then made a hard pivot to deliver a solution for job board owners. Since then we have grown our technology into a full job board software solution that aims to make job searching and online recruitment a fun and intuitive process, from end-to-end.
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