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Recruiting and job searching can be stressful, messy, and complicated. Technology often makes this experience worse.


That’s where Careerleaf steps in.


We want everyone, job seekers, employers, and job board managers to get the best experiences and outcomes out of the process. That’s why our software empowers recruitment websites to deliver unparalleled value to their end users and customers, and the tools to manage and grow their business with ease.

There are a lot of ugly job boards out there

User Experience and Design

We really want to fix that.


Everything we do at Careerleaf is guided by the belief that recruitment and job search software should be beautiful to look at, convenient, and easy to use. For everyone – even job board owners!


All Careerleaf-powered websites are carefully crafted and tested by Careerleaf’s expert design and development team to be clean, intuitive, and mobile-responsive. But our beauty isn’t skin-deep — it’s threaded throughout the user experience and is rooted in the core programming of our product.

We've got your SaaS covered

Our Technology

Software-as-a-Service (or “SaaS”) means a continuously evolving, hosted software solution, and that’s how we deliver the Careerleaf solution to our customers. Our technology is easily scalable, and removes the cost and burden of having to manage servers, develop upgrades, and install updates yourself.

At Careerleaf, we use what’s known as the “Agile” development method. Every two weeks we release our fully tested and updated platform to our customers, with new features and improved functionality. We’re always working to better serve you, your users, and your customers.

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